DORMA ITS 96 Concealed Door Closer
DORMA ITS 96 Concealed Door Closer

DORMA ITS 96 Concealed Door Closer

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The DORMA ITS 96 door closer is designed for concealed installation in the door leaf and frame. Suitable for almost every type of door, it offers a wide variety of functions and flexibility combined with a high level of quality.

Offering proven EASY OPEN technology, the free-swing function ensures exceptionally light door opening. DORMA cam-action door closers with EASY OPEN technology feature a heart-shaped cam that significantly reduces the opening resistance that has to be overcome, almost as soon as the door is operated. Children, seniors and the physically disabled can thus open the door without undue effort. However, it is not only this group of users that benefits from the advantages of the rapidly decreasing opening force required – because this technology also generally ensures a significant reduction in effort for maximum user friendliness.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

  • Concealed installation
  • Door leaf thickness ≥ 40 mm
  • Cushioned limit stay
  • Optional hold-open
  • Adjustable latch action
  • Anti-tamper protection